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Our Number 1 Choice Optimum 100% Whey Protein

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Optimum 100% Whey Protein is a very impressive product and really is of the highest quality. It uses 100% Ion-Exchanged whey protein and is best used after a workout, although you can also it is to supplement meals as well. It is very tasty and I particularly enjoyed the vanilla variety although they have a long list of great flavors.

They pack in 24 grams of protein in just over 1 ounce of serving which gives just about the purest source of high quality protein you can get.

Optimum Nutrition have been winning plenty of awards for their whey protein over the last few years and this protein is now on it’s 3rd generation. It really does keep on improving.

So how well does it mix?

One of the most irritating aspects of whey protein in general, and something that a lot of people tell me is a real problem is how difficult it is to mix. So having a good protein that mixes easily is always a good sign. Optimum Whey Protein shows its quality here as it mixes pretty well with just a spoon. If you use a shaker or a blender then it is just like a milkshake and goes down really well.

For now Optimum 100% Whey Protein is the best whey protein powder I have used and will continue to recommend it until I find something of better quality. There are of course many choices you could go for but Optimum 100% is high in protein, tastes great, mixes well and is excellent value so it really has everything you need.

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Our Number 2 Choice XtremeNO

Our Rating xtremeno review

xtremeno muscle builderXtremeNO  is a different kind of product that has been showing some great results. it is a Nitric Oxide perpetual release pump. And if that sounds complicated then don’t worry…it basically means that it promotes muscle growth and that pumped looked you get after a workout by sending oxygen to the muscles.

The key to XtremeNO is the L-Arginine ingredient which promotes muscle growth and gives you that ripped look to your physique. As you have probably found, after an intense workout you get a pumped up look, but that gradually decreases. One of the great apsects of this product is that it helps you to maintain that look all day.

But it isn’t just a supplement to make you look good. It also enables you to boost your load capacity, maximize full body recovery, maximize fat burn and improve muscularity.

To be honest, this is a different kind of supplement to Optimum 100% Whey Protein and is a new type of supplement that I can see taking off very soon. If you just want to stick to whey protein then grab Optimum but you should also take a look at the XtremeNO site to see the future of muscle building.

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Whey Protein Articles

In order to build lean muscle and shred fat then you are probably aware that a healthy amount of protein is necessary. It is important for replenishing lost proteins after a workout and to get the right kind of diet you need quality protein. So what exactly is whey protein? Whey protein is a very good quality powder that is made from cow’s milk. This cow’s milk consists of two proteins – the first is casein and this makes up 80% and the second is whey which makes up 20%.

The whey is regarded as the best quality protein as it has been scientifically proven to be the most nutritious protein you can get. A good quality whey protein packs in muscle building protein and other ingredients and will assist you in building muscle. It does not have a strong taste but most protein packs are flavoured so taste good as shakes. The most common are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. 100 whey protein gold standard would be a high quality whey but prices will generally go up for a higher percentage level.

So why take whey protein? This type of protein is very quickly digested so for a pre or post workout this can be vital in muscle building and muscle repair. The body needs amino acids following a tough session at the gym and a whey protein shake will give your body exactly what it needs and help to build the damaged muscles into bigger muscle mass. One of the most common brands of protein is made by eas whey protein. I have used eas whey in the past and was happy with the product but lately I have personally found the prices for eas protein to be a little too high.

If you are going to purchase online then I would recommend shopping around for the best whey protein. You will also need a protein shaker to successfully create your shakes. The powder is thicker than an average milkshake powder and needs some vigorous shaking to get it to completely liquidize, so pick up a shaker with a firm lid. Another point to consider is that if you are looking to add muscle to your body then you may likely need to eat more than usual.

This goes for hardgainers who naturally find it difficult to bulk up. Preparing and eating a higher number of meals each day can be time consuming and difficult as the volume of food is so much more than normal. For this reason protein and weight gainer powders can be essential. You can supplement your regular meals with a shake and this will give you the protein and nutrition you need to build strong muscle.


If you have spent time with weight lifters or been in a gym for long periods of time you will likely have heard someone discussing whey protein. Many people are aware of it but only the serious trainers realize the importance it has in helping you build muscle mass. It is not essential that you take whey protein in order to get a great physique and build up muscle but you will have to work very hard at your daily diet otherwise.

In order to get the right intake of protein you have to eat right and you should also be eating about 6 to 8 meals a day. Eating at regular intervals helps your metabolism and can play an important part in growing lean muscle. It also reduces the likelihood of snacking in between meals if you only have a few big meals each day. Preparing this number of meals that contain the right nutritional values can be incredibly difficult though and this is where whey protein comes in.

Whey protein powder can be used to create a shake that can replace your meal and give you the right nutrition to allow muscle growth. It is a simple solution as it takes just a couple of minutes to prepare and can be very tasty as well. When it comes to building muscle protein is essential. And whey protein is the highest quality protein you can get. It is a by-product of cheese production and was overlooked for many years before it’s importance in the muscle building field took effect.

It is now taken by almost all serious trainers and is known to support lean muscle growth. If you have been training with weights for a while and not seeing the results you would like then protein levels may be a factor. In order to build muscle scientists have calculated that you should be consuming 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. If you are not doing this then your body turns to your existing levels within your muscle and your strength decreases.

So now we have discussed the importance of it lets look at how to find the top whey protein to really build lean muscle. You will want to ensure you are using isolate as this has involved a process whereby most of the fat and carbs are removed and you are left with the finest quality protein. Not all products are created equal but if you have an isolate then you know that it is a cut above the more basic varieties available.

It is also important that the product tastes good. You will be consuming a fair bit of it so you want a tasty option that you will enjoy. The best types can taste similar to milkshake and be easy to drink and you will most commonly find vanilla and chocolate flavors. Also a good quality product will mix well and not leave you with a lumpy mixture.

So if you are serious about building lean muscle then I suggest considering whey protein to make the process a lot simpler and maximise strength and development.

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